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Every Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar is made with the utmost focus on sound and quality. Certain common features throughout the line emphasize this ideal, such as only using select solid tops allowing for maximum response and a full rich sound. However, it’s not enough just to say we offer a solid top on our guitars. This is why we at Simon & Patrick have taken the importance of a solid top beyond the norm by featuring “Select Pressure Tested Solid Tops” on all S&P guitars. Graded and tested using customized equipment uniquely engineered for our guitars, this method of pressure testing each solid top ensures the highest levels of stiffness and rigidity along with maximum harmonic vibration. This benefits the overall tone, projection and resonance of these finely crafted instruments. So, not only do these select solid tops possess aesthetic beauty and appeal but they are graded and pressure tested for their excellence and structural integrity, which in the end benefits the player and increases the lifespan of the guitar. All models also feature compound curve tops to further heighten the structural integrity and overall projection. These select solid tops are also enhanced by the support of the very strong, yet very light, Adirondack spruce bracing.

All Simon & Patrick guitars now also include the new Integrated Set Neck system, adding extra resistance and reinforcement to the crucial area where the body and top meet the neck. The Integrated Set Neck system allows for more consistent and stable action while significantly reducing warping and twisting of the neck, largely attributed to changes in climate. Also, in combination with the compound curve top, the Integrated Set Neck system eliminates downward pressure from the fingerboard on the top. A double function truss rod can also be found in every Simon & Patrick neck along with Indian rosewood fingerboards and bridges with Tusq nuts and fully compensated saddles by Graphtech.

Another very key element which only benefits the sound of these finely made guitars, is how we finish them. We use a custom finish on each Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar. The end result is stunning and was newly named “Custom Polished Finish.” This Custom Polished finishing process is used on both high gloss and semi gloss guitars and not only provides extra protection against scratches and pick marks but is aesthetically the most beautiful acoustic finish the company has ever produced. Reminiscent of the French polish of the 19th century, this new finish gives the semi gloss a gorgeous satin sheen and the high gloss a lustrous shine as well as accentuating the natural wood grain of the instrument. This Custom Polished Finish, as opposed to "thick" polyester finishes, allows the top not only to be protected but also to breathe and vibrate freely allowing the effective and very important “aging” process to take its course. This “aging” process means that every Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar will actually sound better and better the more it’s played over time.

With every selected piece of wood, every skillfully crafted part and with every strummed chord, there are people behind every finely crafted Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar. Craftsmen and women with a passion for what they do and love. Built with the same passion you have every time you pick up a guitar and feel the desire to play. Simon & Patrick guitars continue to inspire and have been doing so for over 20 years.

From tradition, with passion, for players.

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